Noise Control

Noise is not a problem of hearing alone

Fireworks and cannon shots are physically very similar sounds that cannot be distinguished by measuring technology. Nevertheless, the first belongs to the acoustic and optical enjoyment for spectators of the fireworks, the second to disturbing noise for residents of shooting ranges.

Noise is a complex phenomenon, of course with an important physical or acoustic component. But noise also includes the perception, attitude and life situation of those affected.

Everyone makes noise
Everyone suffers from noise

Depending on the situation, we are on one of the two sides of the conflict between the perpetrator and the person affected. There are rules for the solution of this conflict, that are intended to provide objective criteria for resolving this conflict fairly: the so-called noise management.

Creative noise protection

Cervus Consult is the partner for everyone involved in noise management. Our goal is to bring those involved in a noise management system together, so everyone can see the benefits. To this end, we create sound immission forecasts, sound immission plans, expert opinions and advise and support our customers in achieving their goals in noise management. The application of general rules does not always lead to a fair result in individual cases. Creative and cooperative noise management therefore means, if necessary, interdisciplinary research and development with the establishment and implementation of these rules in a scientific and technical environment.