Expert Opinions

Especially in exceptional noise situations, which are e.g. characterised by high-energy impulse sounds, low frequencies or by other sources with a large impact range and for which the introduced procedures and rules of prognosis and assessment are not directly applicable, we prepare expert opinions for the assessment of noise exposure and noise nuisance.

We conduct scientific studies in the field of outdoor sound propagation and “integrative” noise management.

We are involved in national and international standardisation, because standards and guidelines are just as important as maintaining the scientific environment through publications.


We conduct extensive research in the field of acoustics. The main topics are

  • Sound propagation models for high-energy impulse sound sources (including shooting noise)
  • Sound propagation outdoors and inside rooms
  • Auditory hazard assessment for impulsive noise using hearing models
  • Properties and effects of hearing protecting devices
  • Sound propagation model for the sonic boom of projectiles
  • Model for sound reduction by forests
  • Sound weather

We publish our research results at expert conferences and contribute them to the further development of standards.