About us

Purpose of the Company

Cervus Consult GmbH – or Cervus Consult for short – is an engineering company for acoustics.

Cervus Consult covers the three main areas of noise management

  • physical and technical acoustics
  • noise control and noise assessment
  • the development of programmes and databases


Our customers come from public and private sectors.

Competence and experience

The expertise and experience in the field of noise management is based on the joint, long-standing activity of Dr Karl-Wilhelm Hirsch and Frank Hammelmann, at the Institut für Lärmschutz (Institute for Noise Control), Düsseldorf. There, Dr Hirsch developed the concept of cooperative noise management for the firing ranges of the German Federal Armed Forces and, in close cooperation with Mr Hammelmann, programmed the WinLarm software suite and its databases.

Today, WinLarm is an integral part of the operational management of the firing ranges and the shooting facilities and also provides, for example, the basic data for shooting safety with the Bundeswehr weapons database: A interlocking of noise protection and operational management that is typical for noise management.

Since 2017, Dr. Christian Kleinhenrich has been particularly active in the fields of outdoor sound propagation and structural noise control. In addition to the development of performance-optimized sound propagation algorithms, Dr. Kleinhenrich and his team also deal with hearing damage models and their software implementation. Distributed computing within web-based applications are in the focus.

The web application Chaser supports the German Federal Armed Forces in the hearing protection-optimized design of their firing ranges. Using three-dimensional CAD models and current hearing damage models, the acoustic design of the surfaces can already be optimized during the planning phase with regard to the lowest possible hearing risk to the personnel.
We also develop software for the Bundeswehr in other areas outside noise protection. The AmmoRep programme is used to document the discovery of unexploded ordnance. It is to be further developed to subdivide firing ranges into areas and to assign ammunition burden levels to these areas. The programme SchaMa represents a sound beam model for sound propagation in the open. The acoustic calculation takes place entirely in Fourier space. Therefore, not only levels but also phases can be predicted; a decisive property for sound impulses.


Cervus Consult's membership in DIN is our clear yes to self-administration in the field of standardisation and ensures the possibility of influencing standar­disation policy decisions.

As a member, we support the proven system of standardisation ideally and financially.

Cervus Consult is a supporting member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik (i.e. German Society for Acoustics).

Through this sponsorship, we want to support research and develop­ment in the field of acoustics. The DAGA as DEGA's annual forum for scientific dialogue in acoustics is particularly close to our hearts.