Besides the annual scientific conference of the German Society Of Acoustics (DAGA) there is always an exhibition offering a forum for contacts and exchange between theory and practice.
Cervus Consult and the German Bundeswehr presented the foundation, concepts tools and the prespectives on the prediction and assessment of military shooting noise.

On behalf of the 'Bundesamtes für Infrastruktur, Umweltschutz und Dienstleistungen der Bundeswehr, Refereat GS II 2' , the responsible section of the administration of the Bundeswehr Cervus Consult compile  PowerPoint presentations. The collection of these total 49 presentations is called "SchiLa" (Schilaerm = Shooting Noise).

We are sorry. These presentation are in German only. Nevertheless, we are providing the presentation videos here because thre are a lot of people visiting our English web site though they may understand German.



(16 Videos)



(16 Videos)



(9 Videos)



(3 Videos)


The making of SchiLa


The videas depend on the copyright of  BAIUDBw GS II 2.

Cervus Consult thanks BAIUDBw GS II 2 for the permission to provide these videos on our web site.

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Als Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik
unterstützen wir den wissenschaftlichen Dialog
in der Akustik und der Lärmbekämpfung.

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