Loud does not mean noisy

Not every loud sound is disturbing or even harmful. The sound of a motorbike needs to be there to please the freaks of riding bikes and what is about a low volume rock concert, no pleasure for the fans.

Quiet does not mean low-noise

A dropping water-tap can bring anyone close to craziness, can raise the blood pressure, can make ill.

Hence, annoyance depends on the living situation. However, loudness is a significant potential of a sound to produce noise meaning at least inconvenience. But other indicators add to this potential. These indicators may lead to adjustments, for impulsiveness, for example, or tonality which both are said to be measurable.

But there are also non-acoustical influences like attitude to the source or the living situation of the individual.

One option to decrease the noise is to decrease the loudness of the sound. However, due to the above mentioned influences, there are options to gain understanding or to promise and prove that everything was done to keep the loudness as low as possible. That may help a lot if everyone accepts that the noisy work has to be done and cannot be avoided. As a consequence, the fight for the last tenth of a Decibel does not mean to fight for justice.

Shooting Noise

Cervus showed together with the Bundeswehr that noise management can do more then noise control. Here, The title of national defence meets the claim of immission control. The authorities have to act on both maxims. And there is a general exception within German noise control regulations: They are not applicable to military training areas.

It was and it still is a challenge to find a fair compromise. Today, the training areas use and realise a daily co-operative noise management to aim for both to lower the noise load in the vicinity of such facilities and gain more flexibility for training. The authorities are continuously involved and responsible All together we want to increase the neighbours confidence that everything is done to find a fair compromise in reciprocal considerateness.

Mitglied im DIN

Als Mitglied des Deutschen Instituts für Normung
unterstützen wir das bewährte System
der Normung ideell und finanziell.

Als Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik
unterstützen wir den wissenschaftlichen Dialog
in der Akustik und der Lärmbekämpfung.

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