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Weather reports are among the most popular features of news broadcasts. Looking at satellite images, isobars and streamline videos the audience or reader learns about the weather tomorrow and its development for the next few days. A weather report is obviously a successful and attractive mix of entertainment and information reaching many people.

If normal weather conditions are expected the forecast will typically provide temperature, rainfall and sunshine and information on the wind. Under particular conditions, meaning something is not normal, the weather forecast will include information on special themes of current interest such as pollen count, UV index or ozone levels. This paper talks about a new special theme that will be called ‘sound weather’.

Weather map with noise roses

Figure 1 - Weather map with noise roses

To be in the news, the sound weather needs a form of presentation that is easy to understand and easy to indicate on a weather map. Such a form of presentation is given by e so-called noise roses, which Figure 1 exemplarily shows besides the symbols of cloudiness on a weather map.

A Noise rose as sound weather forecast at dedicated locations ‑ for instance in the vicinity of a noisy factory, highway or airport ‑ is an appropriate tool in the context of professional noise or complaint management system.

Long term recordings of the sound weather can also answer questions like: What are favorable and not favorable sound propagation condition. Does this condition depend on seasons or time of the day? As an example, sound weather is feasible to objectively evaluate the cmet of the ISO 9613-2 at a given location for sound assessment purposes.

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