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The Cervus Consult GmbH - or shortly Cervus - is an engineering fir focussed on acoustics and noise management.

Our fields of competence are in particular

  • physical and technical acoustics
  • noise reduction and noise assessment
  • development of management programs and databases


Cervus is the leading partner of the 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft für militärischen Schießlärm - CCIFL' (Cooperation on military shooting noise) and of the partnership 'MisBw'. The latter developes dedicated computer programs for the  "Management- und Informationssystems für Schießplätze der Bundeswehr" (Management and Information System for Military Training Areas of the German Bundeswehr) .


Our clients are public authorities and private companies

Expertise and Experience

For more than twenty years, the managing partners  Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Hirsch und Frank Hammelmann work togethter in the field of shooting noise prediction and assessment. The scientific results of the research are published in journals and conference proceeding; many of them are found on the this website.

The so-called Winlarm Suite, the official programm of the German Bundeswehr for the noise management on their military trainig facilities for medium and large weapons, is one well-known outcome of this work.

Cervus also developed the program 'AmmoRep', the documentation tool to file unexploded ordnance devices found on the military training area.

Mitglied im DIN

Als Mitglied des Deutschen Instituts für Normung
unterstützen wir das bewährte System
der Normung ideell und finanziell.

Als Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik
unterstützen wir den wissenschaftlichen Dialog
in der Akustik und der Lärmbekämpfung.

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