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Management Software

Innovation in Acoustics, Noise Management and Management Software

Noise reduction is an increasing challenge in our modern world. Understanding the annoyance with noise means to consider both physical acoustics and psychoacoustics. In particular environments, measures against noise often need a fresh approach including dedicated noise management software.

Cervus is the leading partner of the German Bundeswehr for the prediction and the assessment of noise from operations on military training areas. Not only the high-energy impulsive shooting sounds are relevant. The combination of sounds from all activities on the training area determines the annoyance in the neighbourhood. The integrated noise assessment demands innovation in this field.

Explore our website for particular acoustical features of shooting sounds and their propagation over large distances. The concept of a daily noise management is an important topic here. Our management software is made to manage the shooting activities with respect to a low noise operation mode.

The British Forces in Germany also rely on our expertise applying a sophisticated noise management at Senne training area.

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Als Mitglied des Deutschen Instituts für Normung
unterstützen wir das bewährte System
der Normung ideell und finanziell.

Als Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik
unterstützen wir den wissenschaftlichen Dialog
in der Akustik und der Lärmbekämpfung.

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